Monday, July 20, 2009


Headed south on the 9th for a visit to my favorite doctor on the 10th. A really lovely drive thru the mountains - which was an indication of how I felt when I made the drive up here just 10 days ago - didn't recognize a thing. I'm lucky I made it in the first place!!

After commiserating with me over my poor unhappy belly, my very sweet doc suggested a shot of B-12. I'm delighted to report that it helped almost immediately! I actually began to feel that I might again resemble a human being in this lifetime!

A couple days under the care of an old pal, and then back up to the cool days and nights in Show Low! A little potassium, a little Activia to get some good bacteria back in the system, more electrolytes and some real food (much as it still doesn't appeal) and I'm beginning to get some strength back. Can't bear the thought of chocolate yet, which is the true indicator of how I'm feeling!

Misha is happy because she's getting at least three walks a day, a little longer each time!

And my head is beginning to work again - I can complete a thought, and get some chores done. I'm going to live! I was beginning to think it was doubtful. This getting older shit is for the birds. Can't believe how bloody long it's taking to get my strength back! Of course I did lose more than 20 pounds in two weeks, the very hard way. And it wasn't all crap and water - it took fat and muscle too. Too bad some of it will come back now that I can keep some food in me! Oh well - getting well is most important at this point.

Had a grand thunder and lightning, wild winds and rains, storm all night last night! Misha spent a couple hours shiverig in my arms, but I loved every minute of it! Being cool is a divine blessing!

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