Monday, July 6, 2009

too hot

OK, I admit it, I'm a wuss!

And it's so long since I entered anything here that I don't even know if anyone bothers to check in anymore. Apologies.

I can't handle the heat anymore - and believe me, it's HOT in Apache Junction this summer.

I gave up when my poor RV couldn't cool off below 97 degrees, inside, in the heat of the day - with extra fans and all the shades closed. I used to love the heat - but this is just too much. Plus I've been really really sick - e coli infection - and I just couldn't begin to heal when it's so damned hot. Still in the 90s at 10:30 at night when I try to walk poor little Misha. Can't take her out in the heat of the day because she couldn't put her poor little feet on the blacktop! Mornings, at about 4:30, it generally cooled down to about 85, so we tried to walk then too. But I'm so weak from battling this nasty bug, that I just couldn't face it another day.

So, I headed out of town. Too weak to pack up all my stuff (chairs, BBQ, plants, lights, flag), but I'm paid up in the AJ park until November, so it'll just have to sit there for awhile. I made it to Show Low, up in the White Mountains, in the RV - and it's COOL! Relatively speaking! About 25 degrees cooler in the daytime and about 30 degrees cooler at night!

Arrived last Tuesday, and have spent the last several days just trying to gather some strength. Finally managed to do a laundry, which was long overdue. I'm beat up. But getting better tiny bit by tiny bit.

No bites on the coach at all, but until I get well, I really don't care! Just signed up to stay up here a couple months. The flowers smell like flowers and the trees are mostly pines and eucalyptus so they smell divine too. Has rained some almost every day since I arrived, with a loud and bright storm in the middle of the night last night that brought little Misha running to my side!

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Show Low, AZ 85901

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