Thursday, May 28, 2009

coach for sale

I believe most of my readers already know that I've listed my sweet RV for sale. It's not that I'm tired of the RV life - not the least bit tired of it. It's just that my busted up body has thrown in the towel - the act of getting from place to place beats me up too badly - it's not fun anymore. As a single gal who's always been proud of being strong and able to "do it myself", this is a very painful decision. I'm telling myself it's a great opportunity to head off on a new adventure!

That said, the 'coach for sale' thing isn't easy either. I couldn't have picked a worse time to try to sell. The economy sucks, the market is flooded with brand new models from all the manufacturers who've closed their doors . . .

On the other hand, it's a great time to find a good deal if the buyer is in the mood for a change in his life! Especially if they are looking at going 'full-time' - a relatively inexpensive home, on wheels, when gas prices are reasonable and vacation areas are hungry, making deals available everywhere!

If you haven't seen my ad, among several listing, has the broadest reach, I think. Check it out at

They tell me that more people are looking at "experienced" coaches than new ones, for several reasons. One is that folks just aren't sure the service will be there if they need it, should they buy a unit from a company that is out of business. A very good point! Especially if the buyer has experience in the RV market - they know that it's a pretty good bet that most of the first year is spent in the shop anyway, getting 'all the bugs worked out' - the experienced coaches presumably already have those bugs taken care of!

The fun part is the responses - my first was from a realtor wanting to sell me a house. Then came a call from another advertiser wanting me to list my coach on their site. And then of course was the Nigerian scam - really! Mr. Fred Pot, who was traveling in England on business, wanted me to work with his agent to arrange shipping my coach to him. Did the engine work? Lousy English, grammar, foolish questions - just like we're repeatedly warned about on the net. It smelled really hinky, so I sent a copy of the note to "my" agent at nationalmultilist and had an answer back immediately, saying they're sorry to report that there are a huge number of scam artists hitting the RV resale market of all places - "do not deal with him"

Oh well - at least it was entertaining for a short time! Now if I can just get a real buyer!

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