Monday, March 9, 2009


March 9th in History - If you've had the radio or TV on today, you already know this is the 50th anniversary of a doll, but other things have happened too!

Baron Bliss Day in Belize - Henry Edward Ernest Victor Bliss, commonly known as Baron Bliss (16 February 1869 – 9 March 1926), was a British-born traveller who willed some two million U.S. dollars to a trust fund for the benefit of the citizens of what was then the colony of British Honduras, now Belize. Belize honors Bliss every year on March 9th.

1562 Kissing in public banned in Naples (punishable by death)
1791 George Hayward, Us, surgeon, 1st to use ether
1796 Napoleon Bonaparte marries Josephine de Beauharnais
1824 Leland Stanford was born (Governor/Senator)/found Stanford University
1907 1st involuntary sterilization law enacted, Indiana
1918 Mickey [Frank Morrison] Spillane born in Brooklyn NY, mystery writer (I the Jury)
1942 Construction of the Alaska Highway began
1946 Ted Williams is offered $500,000 to play in Mexican League, he refuses
1959 Barbie, the popular girls' doll, debuted, over 800 million sold
1961 1st animal returned from space, dog named Blackie aboard Sputnik 9
1964 1st Ford Mustang produced
1974 Last Japanese soldier, a guerrilla operating in Philippines, surrenders, 29 years after World War II ended
1976 1st female cadets accepted to West Point Military Academy
1988 President Reagan presides at unveiling of Knute Rockne stamp
1995 Mexican peso worth 7.55 pesos to a dollar (record)
1996 Comedian George Burns died at age 100.

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