Sunday, August 17, 2008

Olympics, again!!

Here is a terrific link to show the current medal standings in this year's Olympics - PLUS it has all the previous Olympics' medal counts too! Really worth a visit!!


grumble - it won't let me create a direct link, so I'm afraid you'll have to copy it and put it into your search browser. sorry. still worth the visit! you'll have to do it in two steps - copy the second line to do the search once you get to the NYTimes site. I think.

I've loved every minute of these contests - it's so exciting to see the desire to succeed and to win in our young people - and older types too, like magnificent 41-year old swimmer Dara Torres, and several of the track and field athletes who are in their late 30s. Gives me hope for our future!

I get to learn something too! We had a medal winners from Slovakia - two golds in canoeing and a silver in shooting.

Now I've heard of Slovakia, of course, one of the countries created at the break-up of
Czechoslovakia, but put it on a map? Not a chance. So our geography lesson for the day - a map of Europe showing just where Slovakia is!! The Slovak Republic borders the Czech Republic and Austria to the west, Poland to the north, Ukraine to the east and Hungary to the south. The largest city is its capital, Bratislava.

Back to the tube for more exciting sports and sportsmanship!!

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