Saturday, April 26, 2008

Road Trip!!

April 26, 2008

Tucson to St David, Arizona

40 miles

Sunny and warm

Finally, something new in the blog! Yup - I'm on the road again, as the saying goes!!

First, I have to show off a new really neat decor touch I just had to get for the coach - I had seen these a couple years back in another park and fell in love with them. Took a while to find them online, but I just couldn't resist, as impractical as they are. Couldn't be that I still miss Hawaii and Kino Bay, do you think?? And in case you can't tell, it's not a grove of palm trees, it's a reflection of just the two!

My pal Suzie has flown over from Hawaii, and I'm taking her on a two week tour of the Old West! For those of you who have been keeping track, Suzie is one of the gals who shared part of my maiden voyage - she went to Alaska with me in the summer of 2006, and we had a grand time.

Sooz arrived a couple day ago, and we immediately headed down across the border to Nogales for a margarita - OK, a few margaritas - OK, several margaritas! Another friend from the old days (70s in Hawaii!!) joined us for lunch at one of my favorite places, the marvelous restaurant, La Roca. Then we walked the streets for a while looking for drugs - ah come on, don't snicker, they're for her Dad!

Had the misfortune of meeting a rock thrown up by a passing car on the way down, which naturally hit just right, and we watched the break snake down the windshield . . . just what I needed the day before heading out of town! Thankfully, USAA came thru and I had the windshield replaced with no hassle at all!

Yesterday, we shopped and stocked up on champagne and the other goodies necessary for our adventure, and today we took off on the first leg of the journey. .

a long drive - 40 whole miles from Tucson to St. David - a Western Horizons Park.

It's a very nice spot, but they have lots of rules, probably to take care of the wildlife meandering from one little artesian lake to another!

Tomorrow, we're off to Tombstone and Bisbee! Hopefully, we'll hook up with Annette - my Airstream pal from Amado and Kino Bay. She's moved to the darling Shady Dell in Bisbee (The Shady Dell began its history in 1927, providing trailer and camping spaces to travelers). Should be great fun!

Sooz just reminded me to mention that this is probably the only area in the nation where we can look out the window to see how the wind is affecting the trees to see if we'll have hot water! Huh?? Well, my on-demand water heater seems to have decided not to heat if there is just a hint of breeze from its NW corner. Makes for rather unpleasant showers!

More soon!

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