Monday, March 3, 2008

say what?

Very important info for the traveler to New York . . .

Despite the large rat population in New York City, rats bite only 311 people in an average year. But 1,519 residents are bitten annually by other New Yorkers.


Seven months away, and I'd forgotten how spectacular the skies are here in Southern Arizona, especially now that the moon is on the wane. Storybook time, where you know you can just reach up and touch them!! The sky is soooo clear and there are just soooo many stars - it's simply beautiful beyond words! When Penny takes me for her last walk of the evening, she often has to pull and pull on the leash, because Mom is just standing staring up at all the twinkling little stars!

Reminds me of when I moved here from Hawaii sixteen or so years ago. I had to laugh at myself - I was absolutely amazed at how many stars are up there! I'd simply forgotten, it'd been so long since I'd seen them! My heart and soul are in Hawaii, and to me it's still the most beautiful place on earth, but unless you are lucky enough to be up on Mauna Kea or Mauna Loa or Haleakula, there just aren't many stars in her skies. It's too built up and there are too many lights!

And then there are the coyotes - I really missed them! The evening serenades make me smile, and you almost think they're practicing for a coming performance somewhere, because they just go on and on! You can sure recognize the new-comers to the desert - they always wonder what that odd noise is, and then are a little afraid when they realize how close those wild animals are! Love it!!

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