Saturday, January 26, 2008


Saturday, January 26th, 2008

4 weeks from hip surgery

I made it to Tucson! With a little help, mind you, but I drove the big box all by myself and survived, none the worse for wear! Liz's great son, Paul, followed me down, and pumped gas and propane so I wouldn't have to get in and out so often, then made sure I was all set up. I'm plugged in at Beaudry RV Resort in Tucson, right by the laundry, and close to repair facilities! I've picked up a rental car for the next two weeks, and made a bunch of appts for Penny and for me. Picked up my prescriptions yesterday, and after sleeping in this am, am heading out shortly to get them filled. Hopefully I'll be able to drive the Mustang in two weeks!

This whole damned thing has been an interesting experience for me. I kept a smile and straight back until my girlfriend walked into my hospital room, when I finally broke down and cried. Took me by surprise. I've been alone and doing it all for myself for so long, that I've long since forgotten how to ask for help. I don't need help, I don't WANT help, I can do it myself! :o) I can't do it all myself anymore. Came as a shock, and not necessarily a good one.

That doesn't mean I'm any better at asking for, or accepting help, but at least I've recognized something.

After yesterday, which did wear me out, and today, which probably will also, I intend to take it easy tomorrow - it's Sunday, after all!! Besides, there's a great golf match on the tube, so I have an excuse to be lazy!

Wide spread friends are still calling to check up on me, something so sweet that does more for me than you can imagine! S*, I'm tearing up - gotta get those anti-depressants going again!! 

That was another lesson I learned a year or so ago - anti depressants I mean- mentally I can handle almost anything. But pain? When my doctor looked at me strangely one day and asked if I was OK and I burst into tears, she just hugged me and handed me a couple samples of Lexapro and a script for more. Really pissed me off that I would 'need' to take anti-depressants - me, the tough one who could handle anything by myself (again!!) - couldn't believe what a difference they made in my daily existence!). 

Goodness gracious, I'm chatty this a.m. I think that means that I'm really pleased by be back in control of my life again!

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