Thursday, January 24, 2008

Gotta make a move!

OK, I can’t do this anymore. I’m not liking 2008 very much yet!

After the soap opera ending to 2007 and beginning of this year, I’m sitting in Maricopa, just southwest of Phoenix. The plan was a good one – my pal Liz drove my coach and me back to Arizona, and I set up housekeeping at the John Wayne RV Ranch in Maricopa. The thought was that Liz would be able to drive me to the necessary physical therapy and pharmacies and doctors. But the night we arrived, she fell and wrenched her knee, probably tearing ligaments and/or tendons. That means, of course, that she can barely walk, let alone drive a bloody car.

So I’m sitting here in the middle of nowhere, with no access to anything I need, and not even a phone signal more often than not. I’m out of my regular meds plus the new ones for the damned hip, with no way to get them. I’m really feeling very sorry for myself. Plus my sweet Penny really needs to see her doctor soon, because she passed out again when I had to leave her alone for a short time the other day.

SO – I’m gonna bite the bullet – I’m going to pack up and drive down to Tucson and get closer to the stuff I need. I should be able to handle the drive – it’s only a little over 100 miles. Of course that assumes I can get enough of a phone signal to make a few calls to set things up, like an RV park that has space for me, and with my doctor to get some prescriptions ready for pick-up.

Please remember – this support system “they” say is so important really is THAT important! I’ve chosen a life that keeps me alone most of the time, and it usually works for me!. In times of need, though, the single life can pose a problem. Here I sit, having to do it for myself again. So what else is new. I’m a tough old broad – I’ll manage.

Sorry for the grumbling – I figure if I get this on paper, so to speak, then I’ll be committed and it will happen!

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