Thursday, January 17, 2008


Thursday morning, January 17th, 2008

OK, so I lied. We didn't make it outta Dodge (El Paso) yesterday - actually we never really even made it IN to El Paso.

Made a good start, and were looking for a Wal-Mart SuperCenter on the outskirts of town. We cut a corner a little tight, drove over a curb and dropped a muffler. That kinda slowed us down!

First time I've had occasion to use Good Sam's Emergency Roadside Assistance, and I must say, at least while close to a city, it's an excellent service! We had two service vehicles arrive within 20 minutes (way faster than any AAA I've ever used!!!) - one mechanic and one tow. The tow truck was too little for my big box, so they tied the muffler up and drove us to a muffler shop close by. 

By the time they had finished the job, it was too late to hit the road, so we just returned to the RV Park for another night. Gonna try again this a.m.

Never did find the Wal-Mart.

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