Sunday, January 6, 2008

What happens in Kerrville, stays in least for awhile

Ok, so here's the latest from our gal pal, Gayle. All that miserable p.t. is actually doing what it's supposed to. Gayle's been told she's their star pupil, and hopefully, will graduate sometime within the coming week.

Thanks to the powers that be, this happened when she's still in good health, relatively strong and young (everything's relative, you know) so the healing process has progressed very well. Sad to say, the majority of other patients ("sweet old bags") don't have those things going for them and have been in rehab for many weeks, with not much progress.

Yesterday was a real upper.... a walk in the Texas sunshine. A blessing to be outdoors - and another blessing that she is in Kerrville and not on the West Coast that's getting blasted by the cruelty of Mother Nature.

Final plans for return to AZ are still in limbo. Hopefully, she'll hear something tomorrow (Monday) about her release from rehab and return to her coach, with puppy-dog, Penny, who's been under the watchful eye and care of a local vet. From that point, she'll be able to start the plan for heading home, with super assistance from son of great friend, Lizzie.

Gayle sends her thanks to all for the best wishes, support, hugs, calls (and all that other "b.s.")

Will keep you posted on this blog. bye, y'all!

Suzie (via remote)

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