Saturday, December 22, 2007

Must be a holiday!

Friday, December 20th, 2007 troubles again with pictures - sorry
Lafayette, Louisiana to Brookshire, Texas

262. 5 miles

Foggy into sunshine

Must be the Christmas holiday - traffic is ghastly! I saw 6 accidents today! And gas is up 10-20 cents over the last time I filled the tank!

I've chuckled some the last few days - with all the jokes about 'Bubba' - it just amazes me how many signs I've seen saying Bubba's this and Bubba's that! Everything from repair shops to hardware stores to bars and barber shops!

Saw one lonely oil bird pumping away in the middle of a big field full of cattle. Lots of big fields of cattle in these parts! And some fine looking horse flesh!

I take back all the nice things I've thought and written about the good condition of I-10 here in the southeast. The freeway in Louisiana is awful! A good indicator is the sign at the start of another section of construction saying "Road Work 1092 miles". I believe it.

Near the Lake Charles area are a couple huge oil refineries - Chevron Phillips! Shows how much attention I've paid to the news - I didn't even know the two had joined forces.

Big billboard near Beaumont - "Santa is Coming to Town - Please Don't Hit Him! Don't Drink and Drive!"

And speaking of Beaumont, Texas, there is a giant Goodyear plant right near the freeway, where they make hydrocarbon resins, polybutadine & polyisoprene synthetic rubber compounds Polyetherimide resin, Polyethersulfone resin, Polyethylene, Polyethylene terpthalate resin, Polyimide resin, Polypropylene resin, and Polyphthalamide resin. Whatever those things are.

Texas looks like it's supposed to - great big open range with lots of cattle!

And Houston - I certainly picked a great time to travel thru the middle of town...three o'clock on Friday afternoon on Christmas weekend. But I made it - just in time for a gorgeous sunset!


Houston West RV Park
353303 Cooper Road
Brookshire, TX 77423

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