Monday, November 5, 2007

Bridge fix!!

Sunday, November 4th, 2007
Winchester, Virginia to Abingdon, Maryland

144.1 miles
Mostly overcast

My computer remembered to change the local time, which was lucky because I slept in a little longer than usual this a.m. And my smoke alarm reminded me that this is a good time to change batteries, as all the newscasts are saying, by beeping like crazy when I as on the road about a half hour!

I decided to stick to straighter roads today, and it took me through some lovely countryside too - nice residential areas with big three and four story homes, on the land to go with, groomed and polished! The proper gentrified country manor!

Not everyone is quite as 'gentrified' though - as you'll note on the truck - not only is he flying a rebel flag, with a skull and crossed-bones in the center, he has a statement of his attitude hanging from his back bumper!

I was surprised to see my route take me into West Virginia again. Me, who spends almost every day studying maps!

I'm sure I knew about the crazy state boundaries at some point in my schooling, but they are so convoluted here that I looked it up.

Check out this site for some fascinating facts about the determination of boundaries back in history when the states were being set up -

Shame on George Washington! (now do you want to check the site??)

In and out of several parking lots today, trying to find a pharmacy that could fill my prescription for pain meds, I looked at a lot of license plates. Had to smile at the West Virginia plates that say "Wild and Wonderful" - wild indeed! As all of our states now, they have many colorful plates, and one I liked, with a US flag imposed over the state map, saying 'United We Stand'!

Passing thru many small country towns, I've been seeing signs indicating 'Ruritan Turkey Shoot' or 'Ruritan Craft Fair' and more. Having never heard the term 'ruritan' before, that I recall :o), I looked that one up too. Nothing like a little education every day! Here's what I learned - great outfit!!

"Ruritan National is a service club located in small towns and rural areas in the United States. It aims to achieve "Fellowship, Goodwill and Community Service". The local clubs are autonomous from the national organization. Many Ruritan clubs sponsor local clubs or chapters of 4-H, Future Farmers of America, or a Boy Scout troop.

Unlike most community service organizations, Ruritan rarely has national programs. Rather, each club surveys the needs of its own community and then works to meet some of those needs. Many clubs provide and supervise community recreational centers, sponsor little league and other athletic programs, sponsor anti-litter campaigns, help the sick and needy and provide a wide range of other activities to help improve their communities."

Not much color in the hills around here - you could see there had been some, but now is mostly shades of brown. 

Glad I made the choice to drive today, Sunday, rather than Monday, as I passed through the Baltimore area. This is one big busy city! And a very busy port! As you can see from the map, I took the 'Outer Loop' to avoid as much of the city as possible, and it was still seriously busy! But at least I did get my bridge fix! What a gorgeous structure!

Lots of beautiful color heading east out of Baltimore, but it was already so dark, at 4:30 mind you, that none of my pictures show the color at all. Everyone on the road had headlights on already! Because of my stops at 9 pharmacies this morning, it was late, by my standards, when I finally pulled into my RV park for the night - 5:15, and I needed a flashlight to make my hookups! 5:15!

Don't ask what this pineapple thingy is - I have no idea - it was just neat looking!

Beautiful setting for an RV park, although I was beginning to wonder if I had the address right, because I was driving down a narrow dead end road in a high class neighborhood. But look at my view out my windshield when I woke up Monday morning!

Bar harbor RV Park and Marina
4228 Birch Avenue
Abingson, MD 21009

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