Sunday, October 7, 2007


Sunday, October 7th, 2007
Avery, Ohio to Lakeport, Michigan

197.3 miles
Record heat again, and hazy

There have been lots of thumping noises on the top of my coach the last few days. I’ve seen several black squirrels around, but didn’t think that would explain the sounds I was hearing. Then the proverbial light dawned – those things I was crunching under foot when walking Penny – those were nuts! Almonds in one park, and hazelnuts the last couple nights! I obviously don’t know a nut tree on sight (except for a cocoNUT), so I've learned something new! It’s always good to learn something everyday, right?!?

Heading out today, west across the farm lands, I saw many fields of dried up corn stalks being mowed down. Almost all the crops are turning yellow and brown and fading away, except for an occasional field of blue-gray cabbage.

And there's not much color in the trees here – seems to go from green to brown to naked. I'll admit it, I enjoy the fall colors, as the trees gear down for the winter, but I sure do prefer green to brown! Thankfully, there are still lots of wildflowers along the roadways – many bright purple flowers in this particular area!

Passed by a huge sand and gravel mine this morning, a "buried valley of sand and gravel, providing some of the best surface water for the area, up to 200 gallons per minute, whereas most other sources provide only about 10 gallons per minute" !!

Big Fed-Ex center in Toledo, and lots and lots of trains coming and going. And another really neat bridge for my collection!

This section of road is part of the Lake Erie Circle Tour, which provides “a journey through the history of Lake Erie, from its geological foundation to its role in building America, its lure for early settlers to its near-demise by industrial run-offs, showing Lake Erie as a shining example of ecological restoration and hope.”

There must be a new MGM Grand in Detroit, as there are several billboards suggesting a visit – “Your meal will be terrific, even if your date isn’t!" and “With 5 new lounges, you won’t be single long!”

Entering Detroit, you know right away that it's an industrial town - the air looked and tasted dirty, my eyes burned. And I was really grateful that it was Sunday! There is major road work everywhere you look – detours, slow downs – and it’s truly needed. But, OMG, the poor working stiff, having to navigate all that mess every day to and from work? I’d move! And I don’t see any chance that ANY of it will be complete before winter hits!

One of the detours really messed me up – took me right into the heart of a real old section of town, and abandoned me! Not really – I’m sure the detour worked…for most folks. Unfortunately, the numerous train tracks were built long before big tall trucks, and I had to find my own way around seven, count them, seven!! overpasses too low for me to crawl under. Thank goodness for my Microsoft Streets and Trips GPS program, which gave me finite detail of streets - nothing about low clearances, but at least I could find my way out eventually!

Heading out of town, I started seeing some color again – which is the main reason I’m making this slightly out of the way side trip!

And now I’m on the Lake Huron Circle Tour, having just passed thru Port Huron – since most of this one is in Canada, I’ll just look at the map!

I’m staying the night at the Lakeport State Park, right on Lake Huron! The sand on this beach is very, very fine, with many small polished rocks rolling in with the small tides. Penny was definitely happy to see a beach again!

Lakeport State Park
7605 Lakeshore Rd.
Lakeport, Michigan 48059
                                         open early April thru October

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