Monday, September 24, 2007

Cape Cod

Saturday and Sunday, September 22nd and 23rd, 2007

about 380 miles
Gorgeous weather

Lovely weekend - I just dropped by Cape Cod for a lobster dinner!

Gee it was fun to say that! And yummy besides! I had seen several places advertising the two lobster dinner - I had expected that it was some sort of special for two people. Wrong - my waiter, when I said I just wanted lobster, asked if I'd trust him to bring me the right dinner. Sure! It seems that several of these critters arrive with only one claw, and most people want the 'real deal', a lobster with both claws. So they sell two of these damaged guys for less!! than the price of one! Works for me!

Anyway . . . I rented a car and Penny and I took a tour of the Cape Cod area. It had been suggested that I not take the coach into the area. Turns out that I easily could have - there are several nice RV parks on the Cape, but having the car made it a lot easier to wander!

The balance of this segment of the tour is going to be mostly pictures, because it was such a gorgeous couple days!

We made the proper first step and went to Plymouth Rock!

It's protected, as it probably should be.

Lots of people wandering the area, so we headed to Cape Cod itself. Beautiful drive and beautiful area! A lot of the touristy stuff too, but that was OK.

There were statues, and flowers, and steeples, and beaches. Who could ask for more?

And, of course, bridges!!

Headed all the way out to the far end
of the curve of Cape Cod, to Provincetown - where the Pilgrims landing is honored.

and where the sand is fabulous!

Today, Monday, was another day of errands before I had to return the car. Took me back thru Springfield, where I was able to get a shot of the really neat Basketball Hall of Fame.

And lots of trees of color!

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