Saturday, September 22, 2007

Catch up time

I’ve been remiss, again, in staying up to date here – sorry! This week has been interesting and has kept me busy. I began the week at the Long View RV Service Center in Windsor Locks, Connecticut – run by Joe Nero. All that detail is because I want it known that this is a great place to get help! Joe is a young man (by my standards!) and he actually listened to me when I explained my problems. He asked intelligent questions and acted on what I had to say, rather than just putting on another band-aid! I’ve left, after spending several nights in their parking lot, with high hopes that this time the fixes will last!
Meanwhile, to get caught up –

Saturday, September 15th, 2007
Lisbon, CT to Phillipston Four Corners, MA

117.6 miles

I chose to take a rather indirect route to get to the service center (which was only 57 miles from where I was camped out) – followed a few of my favored ‘dotted roads’ for a little country flavor! It is so gorgeous around here – particularly since the leaves are starting to change!

I’ve always heard about the marvelous colors in autumn, and know it’s a popular tourist destination during the season, but I never really thought much more about it.

I’m certainly beginning to understand the fascination with autumn now!!! The change has just begun, and it’s already beautiful!

And then there are the fences –

having experienced more rocks than soil at my sweet home in the Tubac hills, I was very impressed with the stone walls almost everyone has built for their homes and farms here in the Connecticut countryside. 

Some have obviously been around for a long, long time, and there are many more that are new – all the same with flat granite stones. I found an article about it - which provides more detail than many would be interested in – but it answered my questions! These walls and fences are so attractive and sturdy, and definitely last!!  (Lousy picture, but you get the idea!)

I really love the ‘feel’ of this area – the marvelous old trees, the lakes and ponds and rivers, the lovely old homes – some fancy estates with carriage house and many out buildings, small farms with big red barns, colonial construction – lots of flags and flowers and statues and cemeteries (saw probably two dozen cemeteries today, old and new), farm stands with apples and corn and lots more, and piles of pumpkins!
And the antique stores here look like the real thing – not stores full of junk but with actual lovely old furniture and lamps. I’ve never been into antiques, but here it looks like it ‘belongs’!

Crossed back into Massachusetts (or Chasamoosetts, as Daddy used to call it) – more of the city life, so lots more of the steeples I love.

And they don’t have yard sales or garage sales here– they are called ‘tag sales’!

Lamb City Camping Resort
85 Royalston Road
Phillipston, MA 01331


Monday, September 17th, 2007Phillipston, MA to Windsor Locks, CT

93.6 miles

Frost this morning!

Short day – heading back south to my appointment at the repair shop. Late start because it was a little chilly, with frost on the ground. I waited for the sun to warm us up a bit!

Headed down the Mohawk Trail, the first scenic road in New England, opening in 1914 … - lovely drive with lots to do!Here I saw my first actual field of pumpkins!

Criss-crossed back and forth over the Connecticut River – big marinas full of power boats.

When passing through Springfield, Mass, I saw a huge silver basketball – the Basketball Hall of Fame!

Then I had a couple days at the repair center.

Thursday, September 20th, 2007
Windsor Locks, CT to Monson, MA

34.3 miles


My new camera finally caught up with me, so hopefully I'll be getting some better shots for my album!

Left late in the day, heading back up into Massachusetts. On Friday, I rented a car and ran a bunch of errands, snapping pictures along the way.

I love the narrow country roads, completely covered over by tall trees, with the sun peeking through!

Today, Saturday, Penny and I are taking a tour – to an area where I didn’t think the big RV would be the easiest means of getting around. We’re going to Plymouth Rock and Cape Cod!

More later!

Sunsetview Farm Camping Area
57 Town Farm Road
Monson, MA 01057

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