Sunday, June 24, 2007

It Never Ends

Don't know if anyone has missed me, but I'm back, sort of.

My computer's hard drive failed about 10 days ago. Had a new hard drive installed and then had to get the Dell Operating Systems discs delivered to me (since, of course, they were not sent with the machine when it was new - they tell me that Microsoft did not allow them to send the discs . . . why do I doubt them?).

So I'm in Flagstaff, Arizona, enjoying much milder weather, while I try to get this bloody machine up and running again. Spent about 7 hours on the phone with Dell's technical support, and have spent way more than that downloading and upgrading and getting everything back. What a chore! And so far no one has been able to get my email working. Nothing is ever easy!

The repairs in Tucson were interesting. The new windows in the bedroom area are wonderful! What a treat to have a little cross breeze! The new on demand hot water heater is a joke, so far. Which of course I didn't learn until on the road and now I have to try to get it working where I don't know anyone. Have been without hot water since Thursday. Not a happy camper.

I think perhaps at least part of the generator problem has been resolved - but only part of it. Seems that when Beaudry in Tucson serviced the generator, they over-filled the oil. So in the nasty heat in Southern Arizona, the generator would overheat and blow all my circuit breakers. Once Beaudry in Chandler found that problem and fixed it, that helped a little. The thing still overheats and shuts down (like when I'm driving up the road and am desperate for the extra air conditioning that the generator offers), meaning the coach gets unbearably hot. But at least this over-heating problem doesn't blow the circuit breakers. Now I just have to find out why it's shutting down. But at least I'm in a slightly cooler area (hotter than the local Flagstaff folks care for - but waaaaaaaaaaay cooler than I've dealt with lately!), so perhaps it's not the issue it was.

Ok - back to the computer updates! Think positive thoughts for me - and Happy Summer!!

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