Sunday, June 3, 2007

Blue Moon and more

Hope you were able to see the Blue Moon on the 31st - it was magnificent!
And though 'they' may want to call it a blue moon, it was exquisitely blood red here on the Bay!

We were having a birthday potluck on the beach that evening which turned into an entertainment fest with singer, several guitars, a mandolin and a local fella who just happened to stop by. Man, oh man, could he sing!!

What more could you ask for - good chow, a huge moon and entertainment on the beach with waves lapping on the shore!!

One of the things I love best about this place - our morning walks!
Penny just loves playing on the beach!
Surprising to me, she's unquestionably an 'alpha' dog - on the very rare occasion another dog gets a little too pushy, she tells him where to go! and even though four times her size, he'll take off with his tail between his legs!
And watching other dogs? Without anyone around, they run down into the surf and frolic -
alone, just for the sheer pleasure (probably helps keep them cool and provides their regular flea/tick baths) or with other dogs! Miss Princess Penny still hasn't shown an interest in getting her feet wet, but she seems to look on with envy sometimes!

The birds, particularly the pelicans of course, continue to fascinate me - I keep trying to snap the perfect picture, to capture their elegance! and keep snapping more and more. The way the pelicans dive bomb the water in search of a morsel - they cruise the currents on their massive wings,
spot something in the water, fold up into a falling missile and enter the water with barely a splash. I could watch them for hours!
On a different tack, Annette has made the command decision to stay here! For at least a year!! She's moved to a new spot in the park - if I could get my big rig in there, I would have tried for it!
On the beach end of the row, with a full view of the sea - pure heaven! She had been tucked in beside me for this last several weeks, and though my monster provided nice afternoon shade, it certainly did cut off any view.
I'm jealous and envious! Hopefully when I come back next winter, I'll find a spot so nice!

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