Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Foggy! It's foggy here in Kino Bay! Actually, it has been for the last two mornings. Of course, it's gone by 8 or 8:30, but it's so thick in the mornings that I can't see that sweet little island you've hopefully seen in some of my pictures! And after reading many pages of info on fog, I still can't figure out why we're getting it here.

The weather has been HOT! Pushing 100 or more everyday since I've been back. And until yesterday, it's been really still and humid!! 72% this morning! That translates to hot and muggy!!! The nights don't cool down as much as I'd like - the a/c was still cycling when I went to bed last night, and it was set at 82.

So where does the fog come from? I'd appreciate an explanation from my more astute friends!

Annette came back down yesterday - I think I mentioned that she had headed up to Tucson about the same time I headed back down here. Her niece, Maggie, was in a very bad car accident, and for a time they didn't think she'd make it. I've met Annette's sister, Lynn - a gorgeous, disgustingly shapely petite, crazy lady - and having been on the wrong end of a similar situation, it breaks my heart what she and her entire family have been suffering. But Maggie has taken a big turn for the better, so hopefully now it's just the long road to recovery!

Our sweet four-legged friend, Paloma, was excited to see Annette - especially when she found a big bag of doggie biscuits in the van, knowing they're for her! Now she lumbers from my front door to Annette's and back, hoping one of us will pop out with treats in our hands!

I've taken to over-filling my water tank, so that the ground under my coach is cool and damp for her - she spends a lot of time down there on these hot days!
Must head out for our morning walk before it gets too hot - Penny loves the beach, but she is still a princess and isn't fond of the heavy heat! She's quite content to lay under in the downdraft from the a/c all day - I have to almost toss her out once in awhile to take care of her business!! But the heat does have a good side - I'm getting lots of pissy little chores on my to-do list taken care of!
Happy days!!

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