Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Grand birthday, even if .....

Something happened to me that I truly thought I'd never see - and often wish I hadn't made it to see. I finally had to acknowledge the big "6 0" last week. I'm trying to remember what another pal who is reaching that disgusting number said recently - 60 is the new 40! Except that the body doesn't work anywhere near as well as it did at 40, the mind still thinks like a 40-year old. I'm not offering, or accepting, any comments on that!

It actually was quite a nice birthday! Ignoring the fact that I'm still fighting daily with Gulf Stream about problems with my coach! On the big day, I drove up to Maricopa (Phoenix area) to enjoy a terrific dinner, at a place called Kona Grill, with Liz. Excellent meal, and when we accidently let slip that it was my birthday, they brought out a very decedant very yummy dessert, with candle (and no song!!)! We contentedly waddled home for a bottle of bubbles to finish the evening!
Next day I drove down to Green Valley for a fine laugh-filled evening with old pals, including a young whipper-snapper college kid who more than held his own. Fun night and thankfully no cops on the way home!
Saturday, Kentucky Derby Day and Cinco de Mayo (I love when that happens! as it often does, of course!), since no one offered to carry on my tradition of Derby parties, Hugh and I drove the Mustang, top down, to Sonoita, a little cow town in the middle of nowhere (no offense intended to those who love the area, because it is a gorgeous wide open country!) for the horse races! They have a great little track and rodeo grounds, and have the races annually on the last weekend in April and the first weekend in May, and include a simulcast of the Derby, with betting! The wind was blowing like crazy, but they had actual Mint Juleps, in authentic Churchill Downs glasses, so I added another to my collection (now I have two) (:>
Stopped at DQ on the way back north for a complimentary birthday Blizzard (if you love DQ and haven't signed up for their fan club, you don't know what you're missing!), then picked up Penny who had been lounging at Hugh's manse while we played in the country, and headed back to Tucson for some much needed resting up.
Can't play like I did at 40, that's for sure! The night ended with another fireworks display across the road! What more could a girl ask for? (besides money and diamonds and . . . oh well.)
Sunday I just recuperated - watched Tiger win another tournament - and started packing up.
Because yesterday, Penny and I made the drive back across the border and down to Kino Bay again! If I can't afford to go to Hawaii for my 60th, this is surely the next best thing! Then sweet OLD pal Mark Harner, also celebrating his 60th this month, had the nerve to call from Kona, where he flew to yesterday, with wonderful live Hawaiian music in the background, to rub in the fact that he had the real thing! That's OK, 'cause I'm on the beach too, and can make my own Mai Tais, and Margaritas! So there!
You should have seen Penny - she was so happy to be back on the beach - you would never guess that my little princess would love the beach so much! She runs and plays like a puppy!
Great birthday - with lots of greetings from dear friends from all over - and from now on, I'm counting in the other direction!
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