Saturday, April 28, 2007

Perfect Seats

A couple loud booms just as I was falling asleep last night reminded me of the same event last Friday night - fireworks at Tucson Electric Park (the really nice little baseball stadium here in Tucson) at the close of the evening's game!!!
Please forgive your photographer's shaky photos - I obviously need to learn something about holding still, but I was at full zoom and just snapping shots as fast as my little Canon PowerShot would reset. I do really like the real shaky yellow one - looks kinda like a Pincushion Protea!

It was a terrific show - and I missed the really special ones, new to me - there was one that opened into a big oval with one half red sparkles and the other half blue sparkles with a white sparkle down the middle! Really neat! and then there was one that was simply a big ring - nothing in the middle, just a big ring of light! and somehow I missed all the green ones! oh well - maybe next week, if I'm still stuck here!

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