Saturday, March 24, 2007

This is the life !

Islandia RV y Bungalous is where we're calling home now! And it is heaven!!!

We're right on the water, with a magnificent empty beach with the finest tiny sand, and lots and lots of seashells washing in on the tides every day . . .

Palm trees and gentle breezes . . .

This is Annette's sweet parking spot - we really lucked out. Several people left yesterday morning - we drove over early and staked out spots with our chairs and stuff, and went back to pack up and bring the coaches down. We're now in old town, and absolutely love it!

One of the neighbors recommended a spot for dinner in town, Rafael's. He's painted over the name, but with good directions, we found it. It has a little dining area in front of his home, about 6 tables, with a big open cooking oven in the corner of the room, where he prepares his specialty. Potatoes! He has these huge potatoes which he pre-bakes, opens up and slathers with butter, carne asada (chopped grilled beef) and cheese. He makes them up to order, wraps them in foil and throws them back on the fire until done. Meanwhile, one of his gorgeous daughters brings out a big plate (for two) of sliced cucumbers, excellent guacamole, fresh HOT HOT tomato salsa, and sliced slightly pickled red onions. We ate a bunch of that before we realized it was meant as topping for the potato. That's OK, because they'll bring more if you need it! And then while you gorge on this tasty treat, Rafael brings a bundle of big scallions that have grilled on the grate! We waddled home and died!

One of the residents here taught us the secret of better water pressure in the coaches - which is a treat because water 'pressure' is a term for something that doesn't exist here. He suggested just filling our fresh water tanks and turning on the water pump - so simple, but who'd a'thunk it! My shower this morning was the best I've had in ages! I just hope the water pump doesn't make too awfully much racket for the neighbors!

Penny and I walked the beach this morning, watched the little fishing boats going out, picked up a bunch of shells, met a couple great dogs (and their companions), avoided stepping on a whole bunch of big squishy sea cucumbers that washed in with the morning tide and will not survive the day's sun.

I knew I had a great parking spot,

but take a look at it from the beach -

This is the life!

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