Monday, March 19, 2007

Sweetness !

Annette found a great Spanish word to describe our days and life down here in Kino Bay - perezoso ! Unfortunately we don't seem to pronounce it correctly, because our favorite cocktail waitress can't figure out what we're saying. Supposedly it means 'lazy', which we really really are!!

Yesterday began with a pitcher of ramos fizzes - which definitely contributed to our perezoso-ness! Siesta time for sure!!

We decided to grab an early dinner after all the stress of the day, so we headed across to the wonderful Jorge's restaurant again, only to discover yesterday was some kind of holiday and the streets and restaurant were jam packed!

A little more than two hours later we received our dinner, which was worth the wait, but after two hours of cerveza and tequila, neither of us was very hungry. Penny made out like a champ - Annette donated a couple of her machaca tacos, beans and rice, to Penny's dinner! I ordered a shrimp cordon bleu, which was indeed to die for, and I almost couldn't make it across the street after dinner, because I just had to finish it! The gorgeous huge prawns wrapped in bacon and cheese and red jalapenos and something else I never identified, all covered in a rich creamy sauce - so much for our excellent diet! Boy it was good!!!

We really didn't mind the long wait - there were lots of sights to behold, with all the families playing on the beach, and with another incredible sunset. This is the life!

Jorge's is a very local establishment - and the RVer's down here don't seem to go out on the town, at least we never see them. We did meet a nice couple of kids from Flagstaff who had just arrived in town.

Finally we staggered back across the street, after our very busy day, and crashed. Early this a.m. we had a couple power outages, one that lasted a couple hours. I've learned from some neighbors that it's the first one this season - that the "new owner" is upgrading the place alot, since it used to happen all the time. Apparently we had a fog bank roll in, and it was so wet that the transformer shorted out. As soon as the sun dried everything up, we got our power back!

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