Saturday, March 17, 2007

Slice of Heaven!

March 14, 2007

Amado, AZ to Kino Bay, Sonora, Mexico

275.9 miles - gorgeous day

Bahia de Kino - WOW! We made it! Not without incident, of course, but we're here!

The morning began with a minor disappointment - I had found 16,000 pesos in my collection of foreign money. As in sixteen Thousand - for the life of me, I couldn't figure where I came by about $1600 dollars in Mexican money, but I was thrilled! Until I went to exchange it and found it was such old currency (early 1980's) that the banks wouldn't touch it. Oh well - poor again - nothing new!

A vote was taken and I was nominated to lead the way, with Annette and her sweet Airstream following. She had suggested we pick up some walkie-talkies, so we could stay in touch on the road - I've never used them before, but what a terrific idea it was! We could share comments and problems and giggles - really fun!!!!

I cruised across the border with just a wave, and of course that was too easy - Annette's 1-ton van grabbed a guard's attention and he flagged her down. First official use of the walkie-talkie - "I've been pulled over"! Turns out the guard was very nice - probably appreciated all the statuary in the trailer, and he just sent her on her way.

Then we reached the 21 km line, where we had to stop to get tourist visas. Zip zip zip - we were done and on our way again. Until a very good looking immigration lady stopped me when she saw Penny in her window seat. She asked for the doggie permit, and then for the motorhome permit. The what? We don't need one! She called over another lady - necessario!! I had to turn around and go back to get a motorhome permit. The station boss said no, not necessario. After a whole bunch of conversations between about 5 people, it was determined that no, indeed, I did not need a motorcasa permit. I convinced the boss to walk out to the ladies and tell them to let me thru! They argued with him!!! He finally made them understand he was the jefe, the boss, and to just let me go. When I manuevered back into line, no one would even look at me, so I just kept going!

Roads were in decent condition - the big tourist bus drivers were rude - and the drive down went fine. Minor catastrophe when we stopped for a break. I didn't handle the bump at the driveway well, to say the least, and dumped almost everything out of the passenger side cabinets and the goodies stored in the microwave on the floor with a crash and clatter! What a mess! I've never done that before, and certainly hope to never do it again!! Thankfully, nothing was broken (including the bottle of olive oil and more importantly, the half gallon of Captain Morgan!).

Annette had been given a shortcut/bypass around Hermosilla by one of the local guys at our favorite Amado watering hole - unfortunately it didn't correspond in any way to any of the maps in the Sanborn (insurance company) guide book. But we decided to try it anyway - all we could do was get lost, so what the hell! And it worked like a charm! Nacho, we thank you!!! If you check out my map, above, the little blue squiggle just above Hermosilla is the shortcut! And since we were in the area around 'rush hour', I think we really made out!!!!!!!

We were headed straight into the sun at this point and it was HOT! But we were on the last leg and we were anxious for the first margaritas!
Orange groves filled the air with the sweet scent of orange blossoms - grape vines lined the road - and then miles of cactus!

Then we rounded a curve and there was the Sea - oh so beautiful! We were lucky to find the La Playa RV Park and Hotel without any missed turns! And pulled into the driveway to register. And were told we couldn't stay - no space! Oh, no!! The sun is almost gone, we have no place to sleep! And more importantly, there is no way out of the driveway but to back up! That was an ordeal I won't even elaborate on! But eventually we both made it, without any scratches!!

Our little map showed a couple RV parks further up the road, so we took off. I pulled into one, which did have space for us, but the walkie-talkies failed us at that point. Annette finally telephoned me to say she had found another park which looked pretty good. I made my way out of the park I had found, and caught up to her. Thank goodness RVers are the way they are - a couple guys helped guide us into spots, just as the sun disappeared! We hooked up in the dark! and were both so tired, we couldn't even make it across the street for the longed for margaritas!

Long day! But we're at the beach!!!
Thursday dawned with clear skies and gentle breezes and we were in heaven! We decided to look around the town and see what we could find - we are parked at Kino Bay RV Park, which is in new Kino Bay - it's on a long, long street (under major repair), with nice homes on the beach and not much of anything across the street but a few older places and a couple little shops, and desert! Old town is a typical old Mexican town - tiny shacks, tiny shops, dirt roads, and the perfect RV park right on the beach. We're moving!!

No groceries - no bank - so we headed back up the road to get some money and ice and a few basics . . . about 30 minutes back toward Hermosilla to a nice little town with a good grocery! and a big bag of oranges! Nothing like fresh squoze orange juice in the a.m.!

Then it was time for The Margarita at the restaurant across the street from where we're staying - Jorge's. Highly recommended by folks from the Longhorn, and deservedly so! Great margaritas, great shrimp cocktails done ceviche style. Bliss! Except we had a few too many of the great margaritas, and it didn't help that sweet Rosita gave us one to go. Each. We walked the beach at sunset, with Penny, who loved it too, and then one more margarita, which we definitely did not need.

Friday was a complete waste. This getting old thing just isn't what it's cracked up to be. The old bod just doesn't recover as well as it used to.
But we managed to make it to the beach for sunset again, and it was spectacular!

I had bought some fresh shrimp from a vendor who came to the RV park, and I grilled them for dinner. Oh my gawd! They were soooooooooooooooooo good!!!
I think I'm going to learn to like it here!

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