Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Road Work

Road Work ahead! I was up in the Phoenix area for a couple days, visiting Lizzie and her menagerie, where it turned really hot already - early March and into the 90s!! What a year so far weatherwise for our poor planet! And where, by the way, I discovered that my house battery problem was actually NOT fixed by replacing the battery! I told them to look further than the battery, but nooooo, I'm just a blonde bimbo, what do I know? Grumble, grumble, hiss, boo! Oh, well, if I stay plugged into power, I'm OK - I'll deal with that one later!
Anywho, back to the road work! On my way back down into Tucson, signs were showing up indicating road work ahead. The promised repairs to I-10 are finally beginning. 'Reduced Speed Ahead' - OK, everyone starts to slow down a little.
Then I saw it, and oh, how I wish I had my camera out! 'Reduced Speed Ahead - Road Work Next 10 YEARS'!!!!! 
Some enterprising soul had fashioned (I'm assuming it's a joke here?!?) a sign in the right size and color and font, and stuck it on over what I'm assuming said '10 miles' to make it read '10 YEARS'!!
At least I hope it's a joke!!! Almost wish I took the local rag to see if the sign makes headlines, or if it just disappears! or if, gasp, it's actually real!
Because I won't be going that way again for a while. I'm heading down into Mexico this morning!! Annette is taking her shiny Airstream and I'm taking my sweet house on wheels and we're going to find some sand and sea and fresh fishies and shrimp and margaritas! We're planning to set up camp at in Kino Bay, Sonora (Bahia de Kino!), which is pretty much due west of Hermosilla, and might make a jaunt down to San Carlos, outside Guaymas, too, depending on how content we feel!
I'll try to make entries here pretty regularly about our adventures, with pictures to make you drool of sunsets and pelicans and frosty cocktails, or other enticing sites!
Wish me well, please - I'll be a long way from a repair shop!
By the way, I just noticed that I haven't figured out how to put an international city in the weather window - maybe I'll need a postal code, which I'll try to use when I figure out what it is. After all, you can't drool if you don't know how wonderful the days are on the beach!!

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