Sunday, February 11, 2007

On the road again ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

It's true! I'm finally on the road again - I'm in Hemet, getting drizzled on.

Got out of Fontana, California on Friday afternoon about 4:30 and it took me two and a half hours to drive 56 miles - gawd, I hate California driving! Especially on a Friday afternoon!

Was dark when I arrived, and I have made it a point to never drive after dark. Plus I was towing the Mustang for the first time! Thankfully the gate guard at the park where I'm staying for a few days was kind enough to call a local to help me park. In fact, the fine fellow parked it for me!

I'm getting better at backing this thing up, since I had to do it every few days while in Tucson the last time, but after dark? I don't think so! And it's really dark here - not much lighting, which is nice, but not nice to be backing! And unhooking the Mustang in the dark wasn't much fun either, since I haven't done that since July!

Learned something about that though. Since you put the sucker in neutral to tow it, you must put the brake on before unhooking it! Oops!! And I do mean oops, because I'm sitting on the ground to unhook everything, of course, and you know how well I move now. Thank goodness, the guy who had come to help, who had parked behind me, was quick on his feet, and I hadn't locked the car. He got to my brake before my car reached his. At least that wasn't a lesson learned the hard way! I celebrated with a bottle of champagne!!!

I really am pleased with the work that Joe at J&L RV Repair did on the coach - the guy is a perfectionist. They fixed three of the slide-outs, removed the entire back wall and window and reconstructed that, and repaired numerous other things. Much as I hate California driving, if I ever need major repairs again, he's the man I'll go see!

Gonna stay here a couple days getting everything cleaned up, reorganized, clothes washed and carpet shampooed. Sure felt good to sleep in my own bed! One mission is to rid the coach of a mouse or two which it seemed to acquire sitting in their lot for 24 days. I've found several open areas where the little critters could sneak in, around pipes and wires and the like, besides the slides being wide open for a while. They did some damage on my chocolate, the little buggers! They know the good stuff! Got into the dog's unopened bag of liver cookies too.

Had a delightful visit with some friends of my Canadian pals Candy and Colin, full time RVers too, who have stayed at this park in the winter for a few years now. I met up with them last evening for cocktails and chat. Was an absolute pleasure to have intelligent humans to talk with after this last little sojourn! Who actually speak the King's English and everything! Even though it was with a Canadian accent!

Going to head back to Arizona in a few days, spend a couple with Lizzie at her new digs in Maricopa, then head back to Tucson. Need to get a little more work done on the coach at Beaudry - the parking brake parts arrived the day after I left last month, of course. Maggie is coming down from Seattle for a couple days early next week, for a little sunshine, hopefully.

So life goes on! Now I just need to go after Gulf Stream for a little money - hotel bill, fuel bill, repair charges for the last 6 months that I shouldn't have had to pay, and like that! I'm hoping that they'll be agreeable since they finally gave in to cover all the repairs. We'll see! I'm just so happy to have the repairs done, I feel a great weight lifted - so I'm ready for another battle if need be! Wish me well!

Happy days!

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