Saturday, February 3, 2007

The Floor's In ! ! !

There's finally some progress! The floor is in, and it looks great!

This one is a little lighter than the original, and that's OK. And it appears to be a little better quality too. The first floor looked good, but seems to have been relatively cheap, since the laminate edges curled when they got wet.

And they've started putting the kitchen back together.

Looks like there might be a few pieces left over, but Daddy always had extra pieces at the end of a project, so if nothing is wobbly, that's OK too!

Running back and forth to the repair shop, I'm driving on a short section of the "Historic Route 66". It's a pretty run down area, turned industrial, but there are a few memories along the lane.

Lots of little motels with whimsical names like the "40 Winks Motel". Sad to see it all deteriorating. Progress is not all it's cracked up to be sometimes!

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