Thursday, January 25, 2007

Work has begun ! ! ! !

Yes - it's true! Work has finally begun on the repairs to my coach! Of course, I'm the one who did it, but at least it's a start! I unpacked everything from the kitchen slide (amazing how much stuff I crammed into the cubbyholes!) and the bedroom closet slide. Joe's people could have done it, but he said he'd prefer I handle all my personal stuff, just on general principles. Works for me!

Parts still haven't arrived, but Joe has said he can get a number of necessary pieces locally, to save having to put up with Gulf Stream's slow response time. There are a few things that can only come from Gulf Stream though, so . . .

He is planning on pulling both the kitchen slide and the closet slide and realigning them, or whatever it takes! I'm getting new flooring in the kitchen area, because all the water leaks caused the wood laminates (or whatever they are) to curl. The living room/atrium slide needs work, but until the new slide topper arrives and is installed, he won't know for sure if that slide also needs to be pulled. The question is whether the slide topper itself was the problem, or if the slide is kapakahi like the others (crooked, not square - sorry, that's one of the Hawaiian words I still use).

So there is progress! And he's estimating he'll be done by the end of next week! That, of course, depends on Gulf Stream getting the necessary parts here.

This guy seems to be really good! He used to build coaches and went out on his own because he knew it could be done better than the manufacturers did them. So he fixes their screw-ups. And from the units in his lot, he has a great deal of respect from those same manufacturers, who finally are forced to acknowledge there are problems, as Gulf Stream did with me.

It's last March, for heaven's sake, when I started trying to get things fixed - March! Almost a year! I guess they just keep hoping the complainers will go away. They didn't know who they were dealing with, did they?!?

The weather here is delightful - 78 today! Sunshine! There are better places to be, but if this all works out, as it appears it will, I can deal with it!

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