Wednesday, January 17, 2007

time will tell!

Here I sit, in a mediocre Rodeway Inn, right beside a railroad track and a major truck depot, and close to the Ontario airport. But the mornings are warmer than Tucson, and I have a king size bed and a microwave and a refrigerator, and sweet Penny to keep me company. Now it's just a wait and see.

My coach was driven to the J & L RV Service Center in Fontana, by a nice, funny guy who does it for a living. He obviously drove the coach way harder than I do, because things that never fall over were all over the floor. I suspect he hit the brakes hard and accelerated hard, things I never do, and now I know for a fact that I do it the correct way! And he doesn't appear to have hit anything, so it's all OK.

The boss at J & L is Joe and I like him a lot. I told him everything, and there goes a train whistle, long and loud, and walked him through everything. He's going to try to get an answer out of the engineering department of Gulf Stream about my complaint with the plumbing. He's very skeptical, like everyone else, but does believe me. He's never heard of the kitchen sink being hooked up in with the toilet either.

None of the parts, supposedly ordered a month ago that were to be shipped here right away have arrived, of course. He said that if, indeed, he agrees with everything I've complained of, and the parts are not here, it might be SEVERAL weeks.

I have to be patient, I guess, because I'm finally at the point where something can actually be done. But the inefficiency continues to drive me nuts! At least Gulf Stream FINALLY agreed to pay for my housing - I guess they decided I'm not going to go away.

Joe said he'd let me know something, as soon as he hears. I've sent a nasty note, again, to customer service...can't wait to see their response tomorrow! I'll keep you informed!

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