Sunday, November 12, 2006

My, how time flies!

I've had my hands slapped for letting a week go by without posting my whereabouts. Unfortunately, it's not because I've been doing anything or anybody exciting.

I've been trying to get Gulf Stream to do something to resolve the problems I've had with my coach. After more than 25 lengthy exchanges, finally on Friday, I agreed to go to a Gulf Stream service center to have my list of grievances evaluated. Except that the appointment was made at Beaudry RV, where the service advisor was kind enough to call to let me know that they are not, in fact, a Gulf Stream authorized service center, and therefore could do nothing at all to help me. I don't need to tell you how pleased I was to hear that news.

Anyway, at this moment I'm sitting in Yuma, heading back to Tucson tomorrow. After I call the Director of Customer Service at Gulf Stream to let her know I'm going to begin legal means of getting a solution. Should be a delightful morning.

Enough of that crap - after several lovely sunny and warm days in Palm Springs, I took a long scenic drive to Yuma. Thru miles of windmill farms, and then onto roads that were definitely not designed for large RVs. The first 100 miles took me about three and a half hours. And ticked off many locals who were careening around absolutely blinds curves only to find a slow fat bus in their way. Made a lot of friends! 

But it sure was a pretty drive. Went thru the Temecula area, which is growing like crazy. If it wasn't California, I'd sure give it a second look for winter visits. 

And a really gorgeous park, probably way too expensive for me - Vail Lake Resort RV Park. In the country but not too far from civilization. Beautiful.

And now it's back to the desert, to visit with good friends, see assorted doctors for the doggies and me, collect way too much mail, re-organize all my storage, and figure out what to do now that Alaska is history. That was as far as my planning had taken me. So where is she now is the question of the month. Keep you informed!

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