Monday, October 30, 2006

HI !! Desert

Friday, October 27th
Kingman, AZ to Tempe, AZ
209.0 miles - sunny and warm

What a lovely drive - Hwy 93 is the road to take when heading south thru Arizona. I've enjoyed it each time I take it.

I didn't really realize just how much the Arizona desert had wormed it's way into my heart. When I came around a bend in the road and found myself surrounded by Saquaro cactus, I just started to smile. And the black dead-looking ocotillo - no flowers right now, but I sure remember how beautiful and unique they are when in blossom.

Then there are the wide flat dry river beds and arroyos - no water now, but they sure can get your attention with just a little rain! The high desert is really special!

Passed through an area full of hoodoos - just like those way south on I-10, near Dragoon. I wonder if they are related?

A little while later I passed thru the Joshua Tree National Forest - handsome cactus trees which obviously had a good summer - lots of healthy new growth!!

We stopped for a break at the Hassayampa Preserve Rest Area and I had to laugh - the first thing I saw was a sign warning of poisonous snakes and insects - I'm home!

I'll be staying in Tempe for about a week. Jimmy Millikin and Frannie were in town from Maui for Fran's sister's ?? birthday over the weekend and we got together for a fun lunch. I'm heading to Indian Wells (Palm Springs area) on Thursday to see my pal Mark and go to a luau!!!

I've been working on my letter of complaints to Gulfstream for the last couple days and hope to get started on resolving all my problems with the coach soon. That'll determine when and where I spend at least part of the winter.

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