Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Sunshine in Las Vegas - NOT

Monday, October 23, 2006
Ely, NV to Las Vegas, NV
254.4 miles - COLD morning into sunny skies and a warm afternoon!

On the advice of my friend Hugh, who knows this area like the back of his hand, I took a little side trip on one of the squiggles outside of Ely, rather than the regular route south. It was gorgeous!

Immediately outside of town, the road got really curvy and had lots of scrub fir trees of some variety (juniper?) that was absolutely delightful after days of bare desert - made the whole drive worthwhile.

Nice road, little traffic, a little more personality in the countryside, truckers who waved!

Hit Vegas in early rush hour, and tried to find the Sam's Town where I had a reservation. My GPS was a little confused all day (must be on the edges of some satellite coverage - kept going "off route" and "back on route" - at least 200 times - not a big help!) Finally found the place, only to discover that the office was closed - "use the house phone for directions". Fun. After 4 right turns and 2 left turns, I pulled into the other Sam's Town RV Park, the expensive one, where they had chosen to put my reservation. Oh well, it's a place to sleep. Great big park, very tightly packed, but very nice even so.

Except that neither my satellite or wi-fi would work. After a long conversation today (Tuesday) with the Internet-In-Motion folks, it may be that I'm too close to Nellis AFB. I'll try again tomorrow when I get out of town. If not then, they're going to send me new equipment. Always something.

Anyway, after arriving yesterday in spectacular weather, t-shirt weather, it was raining when we got up this a.m., and has been overcast and drizzly all day. At least I got caught up on all my old e-mails. Looks like I need my navigator/sunshine weather person back. With Suzie along, we almost always had sunshine!

Hitting the road tomorrow, again hoping for sunshine!

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