Saturday, October 21, 2006

More rain!

Thursday, October 19th
Hermiston to Jordan Valley, Oregon
285 miles -rainy

Ya’ gotta know that I’m getting really nervous about all the “chain up area” and “snow” and “do not pass snow-blower on the right side” signs. Especially when I’m driving into stuff like this!

Another lovely day in the rain. Long day! But I actually enjoyed the drive anyway. The little dots along the highway on the map didn’t lie – it was definitely scenic! If I’d been able to see, the views would have been great.

Left Hermiston in the rain and didn’t turn the windshield wipers off all day.

Followed the Oregon Trail for a ways. Approaching La Grande, it passes thru the Grande Ronde River valley, right along the river – gorgeous. Fall colors are just starting there. Not long after, near Baker City, we crossed the 45th parallel, the half-way point between the equator and the North Pole (I suspect that’s the real North Pole, rather than the one I visited in Alaska!) Big sign to let everyone know that vital info!!

Snuck into Idaho for a few miles – drove thru a sweet little town, Parma, unlike so many tiny towns in that it still shows pride. Clean, nicely kept old houses with flowers and well maintained yards. And what’s more – it still has a drive-in movie! It’s closed for the season, sadly, but is obviously still in operating condition. Can’t be many of those left!!

And they have onions – lots and lots of onions. One processing plant claims 20,000 trucks of onions per season!

And then there is “Busted Nuckels – auto and truck repairs” – cute, just as it reads, even with the misspelling, but even better when the proprietor is Bob Nuckels!

Nice drive all the way – miles of gently rolling hills, with cattle that look happy and healthy and FAT! (as opposed to the poor critters who try to survive on the hills of Southern Arizona!) and handsome horses, and black-face sheep (don’t know if that’s what they are, but that’s what they look like)!

Plus, I must give credit to Oregon for a job well-done. They have recently resurfaced and painted Hwy 95 from the border with Idaho to the joint where I’m parked tonight (very highly NOT recommended, but I was too tired to look any further), and for some ways to go, from the looks of it! It’s NICE! Two lane road, but an easy drive!

BTW, I saw 18 trains today!

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