Sunday, October 15, 2006


October 15, 2006
rainy, obviously

What a lovely day to take a drive! From Issaquah, WA to Tualatin, OR . . .

But at least I'm finally heading south!

What IS lovely is the fall colors - I've never really experienced the changing of the season, as I'm seeing right now. I'm told that the north east has the finest show of colors, but what I've seen in Washington in the last couple days is enough for me! A full palette of colors - several shades of red, oranges, pink, gold, yellow - all set off by the evergreens. I think I'm finally understanding what everyone raves about - it really is spectacular! Too bad the weather is not conducive to creative photography!

And the color is everywhere - there are lots of great big fields, chock full of bright orange pumpkins! And this part of the country really seems to get into fall and Halloween - homes and businesses, vehicles and shops, all are colorfully decorated with ghosts and pumpkins and flowers and lights and costumes. Fun!

But I'm still looking forward to sunshine and warm days

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