Friday, October 13, 2006

It's working!!

I'm delighted to report that I now have a functioning refrigerator/freezer!!! Not without more troubles, of course, but it's cold and making ice cubes and I'm on the road again!!

Mind you, the doggies didn't mind having freezer troubles - we had to eat of a lot of good things quickly. They loved helping that effort!

I'm in Issaquah, WA, right now, visiting pal Maggie, who just had some throat surgery. I'm not the only one with problems (nice to be reminded of that sometimes, isn't it!) - spinal surgery a while back left her voice box damaged - tough on a lady who makes her living speaking to the public. So a new doc has tried to repair the damage. Sounds like it's gonna work - though she may end up with a husky bar voice - was it Lauren Bacall?

Didn't slow her down too much - she took to me the theatre last night right after I arrived - we saw EVITA - terrific production!

Cleaning up a bit - coach has had a much needed bath and oil changed - shampooing the carpet today, several loads of wash, all that boring stuff . . . putting all the northwest maps away and bringing out others. Starting south, finally, on Sunday. Hopefully. As usual, it seems, I'm starting south a little late - I'm hearing threats of snow already - think I'll try for Nevada!

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