Friday, October 6, 2006

Wal-Mart doesn't have coolers

I know, I know, I've been missing again. After my last note, I spent several days trying to label all the several thousand photos Suzie and I took on our journey, partly so I'd remember where all we'd been, and on the off chance that I'd be able to insert some of them in this silly blog.

Then I headed over to Vancouver Island to visit my Aunt Min for her 89th birthday. Which turned into an adventure itself.

I heard that Washington State Ferries had halved their rates for RVs from Anacortes to Sidney, so I crossed the border into Washington to take the Anacortes Ferry back into Canada to make the trip! Saved so much money making the circuit that it was worth it! Beautiful ferry ride to overnight with Candy and Colin in their gorgeous place in Sidney, before Candy and I headed north to see Auntie.

As usual on this trip, the weather was spectacular - and the road north has all been fixed up since the first time I made the drive, so we made it in about half the time. Then it all went to hell in a basket. My dear cousin has fallen into a bottle, dramatically. He was arrested the day before we headed north and again a couple days later. My poor sweet Aunt was a wreak, of course, so we stayed for a few extra days to try to help get her life organized. What a mess! At least the sun was shining.

But, as usual too, there was no internet or phone. So what else is new?

Well, since you asked, there is something new - Wal-Mart, in this part of the world, seems to be out of styrofoam coolers. And I know that because? Because my refrigerator/freezer has died. It never ends!

So I'm sitting in the rain in Issaquah, not far from my good pal Maggie's place, where we had a stir-fry dinner to use up my freezer stuff, waiting for parts. Thankfully it's warranty work. Again.

So today, I'm heading down to Portland to visit old pal Parker before she heads to Honolulu for some R&R, then a four hour drive back north to Mount Vernon, Washington, hoping that my refrigerator parts have arrived.

Oh, the joys of RV life!

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