Sunday, September 17, 2006

I'm back, sort of

Sorry to have been missing for so long - we finally have phones and internet after almost 10 days, and only intermittent prior to that.

We are currently sitting in Prince George, with all the water pipes frozen, sadly, heading south (hopefully sometime today), and do have communication back, gladly.

We've had a marvelous time, with sunshine almost every step of the way, and wish we could have spent another month in Alaska, at least. What a spectacular place with wonderful people. We had a ball.

Suzie did find something she simply had to take back to Honolulu - a pair of mukluks!  You never know when it'll get really cold in Paradise.  Great shop in the tiny little town (next to the Green Bridge) - the Tatlanika Trading Company & Museum.

I must get her back to Vancouver by the 20th, sadly, and will be recouping for a few days before heading over to Vancouver Island to see Auntie and Norm, and Candy and Colin. During that time, I hope to get the blog caught up with all the wonders of the trip.

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