Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Thar's bears in them thar trash cans, eh?

We are currently sitting in the rain in Whitehorse, in the Yukon in Canada, and there was a hungry black bear here in the RV park right after we arrived, and again the next morning. Unfortunately, neither Sooz nor I had our cameras with us that night, naturally. And we only heard about him being back the next morning. The maintenance guy was tossing a bag of trash into the dumpster, and probably aged about 10 years when he startled the bear who was snoozing there. The bear reared up and the old guy reared back and screamed and they both took off running in opposite directions!

Up until this morning, our weather has been spectacular, and the drive has been gorgeous, magnificent and majestic! But as far as I'm concerned, we've been dry-camping - no internet, no wi-fi, no telephones, no cable TV, no satellite TV for 6 days! I guess that's just electrically dry-camping, and I shouldn't complain, but I feel so stranded when I can't be in touch with my pals by one method or another.

And there's so much to report! Hundreds and hundreds of miles of breath-taking beauty - and delightful people! I've put a little more than 4000 miles on the coach since leaving Arizona, and we haven't even reached Alaska yet!!

We left Hope in B.C. last Wednesday and headed up the Gold Rush Trail to Williams Lake. We followed the Fraser River up the Fraser River Valley, which was stunning.

My little 39' coach looked tiny beside all the 18-wheelers when we stopped for lunch!

Sunshine and gentle breezes and temperature in the low 80s!!! Heavenly!

We passed thru Cache Creek on our way north into Williams Lake, where we stayed at a lovely camp by the name of Wild Rose RV Park.

Sooz had to get a picture of me on the way our of our parking spot, just to prove that I'm learning to drive the thing . . . Didn't hurt the tree or the coach or the hedge!!! And I made it on the first try!

This day, Thursday, we meandered north on Hwy 97 thru Prince George to Chetwynd. Another magnificent drive thru more unbelievably beautiful mountains and with lots of lakes and rivers and wildflowers along all the roads. We are continually amazed that there is not a single scrap of trash on the sides of the roads. There are lots of pull-outs, all marked by signs saying there are trash bins - and the people use them! It's so refreshing to see people caring enough about their land that they don't litter!

Passed thru Watson Lake on the 20th.  One spot that offers a claim to fame is their Sign Post Forest.  The forest was started in 1942 by a homesick G.I. working on the Alaska Highway.  He erected a sign point the way home, and stating the mileage.  Others followed his lead, and still are today.  On July 20, 1990, the 10,000th sign was posted.

Whitehorse is a great town.  One of the highlights was a visit to the Frantic Follies - a Vaudeville Revue that has seen over a million guests since it stated up back in 1970 - a hilarious 90 minute journey back to the Great Klondike Gold Rush of 1898.

Had dinner at the Wolf's Den Restaurant, and loved every bite!

Must get the laundry out of the dryer, and this silly thing has stopped letting me put in pictures again, so I'll be back shortly.

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