Sunday, August 6, 2006

More troubles? Doesn't it end?

Here we go again. I'm so depressed right now that I'm unable to fill you in on the details.

First, we were without wi-fi or telephone for almost 5 days as we wandered in and out of some of the most spectacular countryside that exists on the planet! I'll detail it later.

Then my generator died - appears to have a cracked block - won't be able to see about that one until tomorrow in a big city. And the best info I can find is that it will take up to 3 weeks to replace. Which won't work, of course, since Sooz arrives in Vancouver in 9 days.

My new bar-b-que has also gone tits up, but Weber, being the terrific company they are, is FedEx-ing me a replacement regulator. That probably also will not arrive in time for the Alaska trip. Maggie has been sweet enough to offer her little portable BBQ to take along, so at least we can eat, even if we can't use the generator.

So in lieu of more sad details at this time,
and in hopes this bloody website will let me put a picture in today, I'm going to try to put in a pic of my new sweet doggie, Penny. She is unbelievably camera shy, so we tricked her into allowing this one! WOW, first time in many tries that it worked!

 So I'll sign off on that happy note and see if I can get a couple pictures into the previous post. Worth a try anyway!

Happy days!

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