Monday, July 31, 2006

It's a hell of a place to lose a cow!

It exists! It truly does exist! And it's beauty is more awe inspiring than I believed possible! Bryce Canyon is magnificent!

(this silly site isn't letting me put pictures in again - I'll try again tomorrow - please check back!)

I've been here three times before - and never seen it. Driving rain, sleet, fog, snow! I finally bought postcards last time I was here, just to prove that I had tried, really tried. But now I've made it, and the weather was gorgeous - sunny, cool, breezy (between thunderstorms) - absolutely perfect for viewing this incredible spot!

We drove thru a couple little tunnels that made me duck and the coach take a deep breath and flinch in fear!

The colors! I'd love to be a bird and just soar on the winds and enjoy the view!

Maggie and I took the free shuttle to several of the lookouts and I can't count the number of times my eyes filled with tears from the sheer exquisite beauty before me. The grottos, windows, arches, towers, figures, it just goes on and on, and changes continually as the clouds pass over and cast different shadows! I'm definitely going to spend a week here some time and come back to visit every day! Assuming it isn't raining or snowing! (We did get a downpour and some hail as we came out from lunch at the Bryce Canyon Lodge!)

Oh - about "It's a hell of a place to lose a cow" - that's a quote from Ezekial Bryce!

It was great fun playing one of my favorite sports - eavesdropping - there were more foreign visitors to the park than Americans. It's always tickled me that the foreigners feel free to talk together, assuming that no one can understand them. I guess we Americans do it too when we travel. But the Germans and French and Japanese and Chinese, Taiwanese, Philippinos, Israelis, Swiss, and a couple we couldn't identify - they were all enjoying the majesty of our lands. It was wonderful to share!

Hikers with toddlers in tow, babies in canopied backpacks, old men and women holding hands as they strolled the tree lined paths - what a glorious day!

We stayed at a delightful RV park - Ruby's Inn - they have the whole concession here - hotel, lodge, restaurants, shops, daily rodeo exhibition, helicopter rides, ATV rentals and the camping and RV park. They've done a terrific job and have a wonderful old west history. Check them out if you're coming this way!

What a grand day! I hate to leave, but we're heading north tomorrow, so I'll just have to come back. The beauty is impossible to describe in words. I'm so glad Maggie forced me to try one more time!!!

More later!

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