Thursday, July 13, 2006

Grumble, grumble

Well, I obviously have a lot to learn about this blogging business. There were four pictures in the draft notes I just "published", but only two of them made it thru to the web page.

This one shows "The Home for The Bewildered" described in the earlier post.

And this one is the penthouse suite!

I'll figure this stuff out yet! Please have patience with me?!

Where are my pictures?

Slow start this a.m. - had an exquisite dinner at a Tucson eatery last night, Le Rendezvous. A couple of my favorite people in Green Valley treated me as a fond adieu. Had Crispy Duck with Cherry Sauce after a Creme of Artichoke Soup, followed by their decadent Grand Marnier Souffle. Should have walked home, but it was oh, so very good.

And came home to be most pleasantly surprised by my sweet Bailey. He's been having a terrible time since his friend passed away, and has had a few accidents in the house when I've left him alone. Barks constantly too. Tired as I am of shampooing the carpet with a little hand-held shampooer every day, I picked up a new crate for him yesterday. (I'd had one for years, but decided I just didn't need it anymore, or more important, didn't have room for it, and had just given it away three weeks ago, of course.) Filled it with treats when I left for dinner, and although he spilled his water, he ate all the treats and didn't make a mess! Guess, at least for a while, that will be his abode when I must leave him alone. He did earn himself a small treat of duck for being a good boy when I returned!

OK, I've tried and tried to put pictures in the posting from a couple days ago. For some reason, it wouldn't let me, and of course I had no problems at all previously. So I'm going to try again today with a totally clean slate.

Hmmmmmmmmm. OK, it's tough to read, but this proves the park thinks of itself as "The Home for The Bewildered"!

Sorry - the picture seems to have been lost in the ozone somewhere, and will not reinstall, so look up at the later posting and you'll find it there!

There is an apartment above the sign, kinda cute actually, wherein lives an old barfly friend of mine from years past at the Cow Palace with her seventeen cats. I think there are only 3 or 4 really, but they have taken a liking to my car and my tree since I feed the birdies here, and they are always underfoot. Bailey has given up telling them to leave - they just ignore him.

This one shows the fanny end of my car, the fence for Bailey and the birdfeeders in "my" tree! Great shade on our 100 degree plus days!

When it gets way too hot, the Home for the Bewildered does offer a little respite - a very nice pool to cool off in. A sign has been posted to keep out the riff-raff, saying swimsuits are required, since Sheriff Bill did catch Annette and friends skinny dipping one hot dark night. Don't look at me - I hadn't even moved in yet!

The shower area leaves a lot to be desired, but I guess you can't have everything. There is plenty of water pressure in the shower at least, so they are great, if Sheriff Bill is kind enough to re-light the water heaters when the wind blows them out, which happens every time a monsoon blows through!

The other thing the monsoons do is flood out some of the campsites. And that sweet young man living in his tent down the lane near his strange old man and pit bulls has solved that problem. Yesterday, he built a penthouse. Never seen one quite like it! Unfortunately the picture was lost somewhere so you have to look at the next posting to see it!

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