Thursday, September 26, 2013


Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Gail Ulysses Mishler.  He would have been 97 today!  He always knew he'd make it to 100, but that nasty Big C had other ideas.

What a life my fly-boy Daddy led.  He started flying when he was 14, and always thought he'd been born a generation too late.  Wanted to be 'the first' to do many of aviation's firsts.  But he had a multi-engine license and instructor's license by the time he was 16, so he made up time as fast as he could!

Went to China when he was 18 to help teach the Chinese to fly!  This one was taken in Shanghai in 1936.

Sat in the left seat, or single seat, in any aircraft he could get his hands on, whenever, wherever!  He loved to be in the air.

Flew in the new Army Air Corp and then the Navy, during the WWII.  Spent some time with TWA and stayed in the Navy Reserves so he had an excuse to stay in touch with new innovations and the early jets.  Went to SE Asia in the early 70s, in hopes of getting back in the war games, but it turned out to be a little too under the radar, even for him!  So he found a few more conventional flying gigs to keep his hand in!

We had our, um, differences.  I was his little girl, and he had trouble dealing with my stubborn streak and adventurous spirit.  Wanted a proper little lady, and that didn't happen.  So he did his best to make me strong and self sufficient, and continued to chide me for my wandering ways.

I like the person he helped create, and I'm so very glad he hasn't been around to see the road I've been on for the last few years!

I'm so sorry all that training and weight lifting and good care of your health and diet (except for the evening cocktails, of course) didn't keep you around longer!  This one was taken when Daddy  was a fitness instructor down in Green Valley when he was 75!

Happy Birthday, Daddy! 


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