Sunday, September 29, 2013

She says she's Normal!

I'm very pleased to report that I'm back to normal!  Whatever that means.  The belly repair is clean, healthy and totally pain free and that's at least one of many irritants out of the way!

When I had the drain pulled the other day, it was way easier than in past experiences.  My tiny doc said she uses a smaller drain line than most because it is less invasive and does less damage when it's pulled.  She said, 'OK, are you ready to have this out?  I said 'absolutely' and tightened up against the anticipated pain.  She said 'this isn't going to hurt' - I replied 'easy for you to say'.  She laughed and asked 'well, did it hurt?'  It was out already and I didn't feel a thing!!

I asked her the name of the mesh she used to hold me together, which she is so high on.  It's Covidien's Progrip Mesh.  Works kind of like velcro, and as of now I think it's great.  Supposedly solves all the problems created by various mesh used in the past.

I doubt anyone would want to watch the video that I found showing how it's done, but I'm fascinated by this stuff, as most of my long suffering readers know.  What I do understand now is why the sonofabitch hurt so much the first couple days without pain pills!  They move a lot of stuff around in there!!!

I even played in the dirt a bit yesterday!  With lots of help, of course.  My marvelous neighbor friend refused to let me clean up my yard by myself - I'm not supposed to do ANYTHING, remember!  So I raked fallen leaves and pine needles, and he picked them up and bagged them for the trash!  So my much needed 'yard fix' is in and all is well with my world.  For a while, at least!

My lovely funny snowbird next door neighbor is back already, as of yesterday, so I'm gonna have to make her some of those Peanut Butter Corn Flake Cookies  she likes so much to welcome her home!  Gonna use half-half Frosted Flakes and Chocolate Flakes this time - satisfy both sweet teeth! 


At 7:10 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

The "SUNSHINE" is back and brighter than ever!eyw


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