Friday, August 9, 2013


Haven't been cooking much, because my kitchen has been getting an update!

My little house is made of cardboard, and was built 30 years ago.  Not entirely true, but it was built 30 years ago!  And some parts of it have not stood up as well as others.

My kitchen cabinets were sagging - to the point that some things were slipping out when the doors were opened!  Not good!

So when a dear friend and neighbor reached in the cupboard for a glass for water a couple weeks ago, and had to catch it as it fell, he suggested we do something about it.  So we ripped them out, and he rebuilt them!!!

They were only tipped a little -  :o)

And sagged in the middle!

Getting them out without damaging the structure was probably the hardest part!

Richard did a terrific job building new ones!

I saved the original doors and hardware and just repainted everything!  I think they look grand!

Now maybe I'll start cooking again!


At 6:12 PM , Anonymous sooz said...

Looks FANTASTIC! JOB EXTREMELY WELL DONE...Hats off to Rich for all the expertise in design, time, construction, etc...and to you for getting all that detailed trim done so nicely. Really looks great. You know what "they" say..when you have a really nice kitchen, you get inspired to do more cookin'! Uh-Oh! Is that possible? ENJOY!

At 10:17 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ditto to Sooz. The kitchen looks great. Hooray for Richard! He is an angel. Maggie

At 5:33 PM , Anonymous s. said...

ok gal...time to show off the REST of the kitchen..


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