Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy Saint Pat's Day!

Green rivers in Chicago and San Antonio, and green beer and margaritas - who could want more?

I want more - I want my knee to heal!  Two weeks have passed, VERY slowly, since the infection was diagnosed in the ruptured incision.  I can see that it is getting better every day, but it's gonna take forever!  

Dr. B smiles now when he sees it - like today - and confirms that I'm making good progress.  And acknowledges that it'll probably be another 6 or 8 weeks before it's time to start rehab again, before the incision is closed up safe and tight.

I'm going to go nuts by then!  The leg immobilizing brace is so bloody uncomfortable!  I'm supposed to be wearing it 24/7, but...  I leave it off most of the day - after all, I've been walking pretty much straight-legged for over a year now - but I do put it on when I'm out walking the pup, or watering the garden, and in bed (which is the worst!!).  Hard-headed but not dumb!!

I really shouldn't complain.  It's five weeks since the surgery, and I've had no pain to speak of.  It just aches a little.  And the knee itself is skinnier than it's been in years - it actually has some shape to it for the first time in a long, long time!

But our weather has been so spectacular - warmest winter on record for Tucson - and I wish I could be out playing in the dirt!  But even my hard head knows it probably isn't a good idea for me to be getting down on the ground and trying to get up again!

Thankfully, my unbelievably sweet neighbor Richard has been taking good care of my posies, so they are loving the weather too!  As you can see from these couple pictures!  

Love that my poinsettia is finally coming to color!  It's so grand that it has survived a summer and winter and is flowering!!!


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