Sunday, March 30, 2014

Bad Gayle!

Bad Gayle, indeed!  I had my hand slapped when I saw my doctor on Friday, because I had made the command decision to quit wearing that gawd-awful immobilizing brace 24/7.

I first quit wearing it to bed last Tuesday, (it had been four long weeks already) because I hadn't had a decent night's sleep since the first time I put in on.  And I had a good night's sleep that first night - only good dreams instead of bad ones (that what usually denotes how well I sleep!)!  I did, at least, double bandage the knee at night for a little extra support.  (Good Gayle)

I had already cut down on the time I was wearing it to when I was walking the pup or working outside in the garden.  So after a couple more days, I decided to simply quit altogether.

Then Dr. B walking in the exam room and said "where's your brace?"  In my bedroom!  So he proceeded to say please, please wear it, and he told me why.

The knee was so damaged, there is minimal blood flow to the incision area.  And it's the blood flow that helps the healing.  New blood vessels are growing toward the incision, and if I bend the knee, I can break them down and delay healing even further.  So, OK, I'll wear the damned thing.  But not to bed!

He did praise me for the good care I was taking of the wound, and said it'll only be a few more weeks, or months.  But wear the brace.

On that note, I decided to go take pictures of flowers!  It may not seem like spring in many parts of the country, but it surely is here!!


At 1:35 PM , Anonymous Carole Hall said...

Hi Gayle, Happy birthday. I'm a little late, but I remembered. Are you staying put in Arizona?


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