Sunday, March 7, 2010

Swimming Pool

I'm happy to report that my wound is showing all positive signs of healing this time.

But I do have to laugh at myself - the first time I took a shower and cleaned the wound, intending to dress it again right away, it looked really odd. As I stared down at the thing, after the dressing had washed away in the shower, it looked like there was still a piece of gauze in there. It was whitish, and looked like fabric. I picked gently at it and couldn't budge it. 'OK, I'll deal with it when I get out of the shower.'

When I looked at it in the mirror, I just giggled. There was no bandage left in the wound. It was the healthy, whitish smush that is a good sign that it's trying to close up over the wound - the fabric imprint had been left by the gauze dressing! So I happily doused a new dressing in saline and sealed it back up again.

It is a challenge here in the desert to keep it moist. I keep experimenting with different ways of making it stay, and maybe by the time I don't need it anymore, I'll figure out an adequate method!

A new little problem, probably because I wanted the drains removed too early, is that I've acquired a bunch of fluid below the wound. If I move fast, or touch it gently, it ripples like a swimming pool in an earthquake. Looks kind of amusing, but then perhaps I'm getting a little wobbly around the edges myself - I mean it has been a bit over two weeks - I should be healed by now, right?! Yeah, well.

And last night, after replacing the dressing before bed, the damned thing started to leak. That one did freak me out a bit. Tomorrow morning, if it's still sloshing around in there, I'm going to bug my sweet doctor again and ask that she aspirate the fluids. Yeah, I know that means sticking another needle in me in a couple places, but I'd rather get that stuff outta there.

All in all, I'm feeling better, so I thank you, my friends, for continuing the positive thoughts and love!


At 1:31 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're trying everything? Chocolate coating works well on a lot of things! Might be worth a try... ;-)


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