Sunday, July 30, 2006

Make sure the scotch has a tight fitting top!

I've started the days of saying "oh my gawd, isn't that gorgeous!" over and over again!

We made our way from Tempe up to Flagstaff, thru the very bleak but incredibly picturesque Navajo lands, by Lee's Ferry to Jacob Lake. I have to talk with my dear geologist friend, Ron White, to learn about all the different striations and mounds and marvelous colors!

We drove from intense heat and humidity in Phoenix, thru a huge dust storm in the Navajo lands that reflected all the colors of the surrounding mountains and the sun's rainbow, then into a spectacular downpour that turned the dust storm to mud. The Navajo working the side of the road selling their jewelry and crafts really had a rough day yesterday!

Naturally, I left the camera way out of reach, but it's already placed close at hand for today's journey to Bryce Canyon.

And winds - I'm not at all fond of driving this big box in the wind - especially the gusting crosswinds that we had to fight.

Oh yes, the scotch bottle. One particularly strong gust of crosswind hit us just after a big truck went the other way cutting off all the wind. It really set us swaying. We heard a thud and chose not to think about it. Until the gas detector went off back in the bathroom area. Maggie went to find out what set it off, only to discover the scotch bottle had leapt from it's cubbyhole and dumped it's contents on the floor! Messy! And SMELLY! So smelly, it set off the gas detector! And it lingered long after Maggie cleaned it up - kept telling us at loud volume that we were about to be asphixiated!

The only other time the gas detector has gone off was the first night I slept in the coach. Bailey was uncomfortable in the new house and slept on the floor that night, on the nice cool tile floor in the bathroom. And at 1:30 in the morning, he farted. Right square into the gas detector. Which I didn't even know existed at that time. Awake from a very sound sleep, trying to find the smoke alarm, I finally saw the little flashing red light on the floor. And my sweet Bailey, who doesn't hear anymore, and proved it by sleeping thru the screaming alarm, lying right there beside it!! Obviously it recognizes more than CO2!

Can't wait to see what happens next!


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