Thursday, February 16, 2012


Yes, I know, this update is overdue. I had my surgery, my mastopexy, a week ago Tuesday! And all went well!!

I was taken in to surgery on time, a first!! And was finished a bit early!! My only complaint is t
hat when I came around, the first thing I wanted to know is what happened to my mouth. I had a big cut on my inside upper lip, and another cut on my inside lower lip. I'd bitten my tongue almost as badly as when I had a full blown seizure years ago, and the back of my throat was so raw I could hardly swallow.

Patients are warned that they might experience "a little discomfort" because of the thingy they put down your throat to help the anesthesiologist with your breathing and administ
ration of joy juice. "A little discomfort" hurt waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more than the surgery itself! Apparently the nurses in recovery are accustomed to dealing with such problems because she immediately brought me a glove full of crushed ice to put again on the sore spots.

Personally, I think I wasn't completely under when he stuffed that tool down my throat, and that I fought back, but at this point it doesn't matter. My tongue is still sore, but everything else is back to normal.

The surgery itself was a breeze, so to speak. He did two things - one was easy. I had developed a funny little scar flap thing (his medical terminology) that he just snipped off and glued shut. That was in the right armpit.

The mastopexy creates an "aesthetically proportionate bust"
by cutting excess tissue, over-stretched suspensory ligaments and excess skin, and moves the nipple-areola back up where it should be, and then glues everything back together in a tight little package. In fact, that's what I told my sweet doc Hollywood - I told him to pack it in tight, because I didn't want to have to wear a bra!

This is what I looked like going in -

and this is what I looked like coming out -

Two days later, the little sucker was really colorful!

Amazingly, there has been almost no pain at all. Today, it itches like crazy, which is a good sign, I guess! Actually, the big hole in my leg hurt more than the surgery to my boob (but it's doing fine too!).

Meanwhile, spring is definitely in the wind in this part of the world. Except for a little burp yesterday when it snowed on parts of Tucson. Almost 80 four days ago, snow yesterday and mid 70s again predicted for this weekend!

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