Saturday, March 24, 2012

Ups and downs!

The weather in Southern Arizona over the last couple weeks has proven yet again the one guarantee we have in the spring - we never have a clue what the weather will be tomorrow!

About 10 days ago, we were seeing record high temperatures in the Tucson area - mid to high 80s! Then big blustery winds blew in a cold front and the temperatures dropped 40 degrees to a high of 45 on Monday, and with it came heavy rains and hail and snow! Of course, it's back into the mid 80s again, just 4 days later!

My body has been reacting accordingly! Which is one of the reasons I've been among the missing again. I have been f*ing miserable, but things are finally beginning to look up a bit.

I had been really pleased with the most recent breast re-build. Other than when it was so colorful, and had normal bruise tenderness, there has been little pain or discomfort at all. The incisions were closed up and healing very nicely.

Then, about 3 weeks ago, one area opened up and was leaking guck.
I figured I'd just tossed and turned too much the night before (which I do all the time because of the damned lymphedema compression bandage club that I must wear to bed every night!) and put a little too much pressure on it...that it would be OK.

Another spot opened up a couple days later, then a third and then a fourth. By then I was in major pain. . . the worst since that awful TRAM-flap surgery a year ago. What I
told my doctor when I saw him on Monday was that it felt like there was an alien creature in there trying to claw its way out with razor blades in all four hands. (My descriptions do seem to amuse him!)

I was afraid the infection (and I had no doubt at all that it was a serious infection) was inside, and asked if my poor abused boob was going to melt and fall off. He assured me that it would not, that it was just a skin infection that happens sometimes for no apparent reason, and that it would be fine. Easy for him to say - that damned alien was having a field day inside there with his razor blades!

He prescribed a serious heavy antibiotic - keflex, 500mg four times a day for ten days. Then the wounds, which were all on the vertical incision from the middle of the areola down to
the bottom of the breast, were dressed with a "Silver Alginate/CMC dressing".

That's interesting stuff - looks kind of like felt, but is a 'highly absorbent...pad composed of a high G (guluronic acid) calcium alginate, carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) and ionic silver complex...which releases silver ions in the presence of wound fluid. As wound fluid (what I call guck) is absorbed, the alginate forms a gel which assists in maintaining a moist environment for optimal wound healing...'

It's meant to be used on moderate to heavily gucky wounds - pulls too much fluid from less gucky stuff and slows the healing in those instances.

The first time I read about silver as an antibacterial and healing tool was years ago in relation to the space program - they used it to purify water!

Anyway, it seemed to get worse and worse for the next couple days - I hurt a lot, and you know I really hate to acknowledge pain. Then, Friday I was able to say that I felt better for the
first time. The thing still looks like hell, but most of the pain is gone. I guess they do know what they're doing.

Gonna be an ugly scar though! Instead of just a simple little line, the thing is almost an inch wide n
ow. I see the doctor again on Monday, and perhaps then I'll learn what he thinks of it.

Meanwhile, all the flowers and birdies love the weather - warm or cold!

And the orange blossoms! OMG, the orange blossoms (and grapefruit too!!) - the trees are just covered with blossoms, and bees, and it smells just heavenly to walk the streets.

Birdies are nesting up and flowers just keep popping out...weeks earlier than last year!

The ocotillo are all dressed up in their tiny green leaves that pop out within a couple days of rain, and their spring blossoms!

Even the saguaro are putting out their flowers already, which is way earlier than usual!


At 7:22 PM , Blogger Crack You Whip said...

It is so nice that you can see blooming flowers and beauty with everything you are going through.

Thanks for sharing:)


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